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Know The Difference Between USB, Micro USB And Lightning Connectors

Know The Difference Between USB, Micro USB And Lightning Connectors

Some folks tend to get confused while telling the difference between USB, Micro USB and lightning. This is because all the three look fairly related and performance mostly in the same way. However, you have to know that none of them are changeable with each other. To operate rightly, all the three connectors want completely different know-how, equipment and port too. Additionally, they don't seem to be appropriate with every other.

Here's an in depth clarification of all the three connectors in an effort to know which connector would work with what device at its optimum ability.


USB is the complete form of - Common Serial Bus. It is the most frequently used connector and is compatible with a number of working systems. Whenever you join a USB to your mobile device or computer, it gets detected easily. You may as well add or remove the USB cable with out having to restart the device. And that side makes them a 'scorching-swappable' technology. The 'Type A' connectors are available in 2.three and codecs and can be used with desktops, laptops, notebooks and tablets. 'Type B' connectors, however, are used for scanners and hard drives.

Micro USB

The intent behind the making of Micro USB was to standardize phone charging units and simplify things for the purchasers who had been tired of utilizing totally different chargers for his or her phone. These USBs are a miniature version of USB interface. A number of smartphones that work on Android expertise are fitted with Micro USB ports. The Micro USB seems to be smaller to Mini USB but provides a higher transfer rate. One can simply establish a Micro USB as it has black receptacles and a 5 pin design. Though Micro USB charging cable comes with a USB connector and enables switch of data between desktop and mobiles, you need to also know that it's not appropriate with all devices.

Lightning Connectors

Lightning Connectors had been released in the year 2012 and they had been a superb substitute of the 30 pin dock connector that was used for Apple products. This eight pin connector was designed to be more environment friendly as compared to the 30 pin one. Apple devices are very thin and aren't compatible with the width of a typical USB port. However these connectors made the whole deal of powering up Apple gadgets very easy. iphone lightning cable connectors are usually not appropriate with different connectors and can't be accessed with traditional USBs. So how do you determine these connectors? These are white in color, just like most of Apple gadgets and now have a slender shape.

You cannot anticipate all of the chargers to be universal in nature. The sort of connector you use depends totally on the type of device you use. As soon as you know which type of USB you have to for what goal, it's going to save you some huge cash and time. If you are looking for good quality USB cables, USB adapters and other accessories at price-effective rates you may be able to several stores where you may order from. And now that you already know the distinction, you are sure to make the precise selection!

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